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Why Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is a great alternative to traditional petroleum diesel. With our dependency on foreign oil and rise of greenhouse gas emissions, now, more than ever, we are looking for an economical, easy to use solution that positively effects the environment.  Here are a few benefits to using biodiesel:

  • Better for the environment—Biodiesel is a renewable fuel and has lower emission properties, in comparison to traditional petroleum diesel.
  • Renewable fuel—Biodiesel is produced from renewable resources like fats, oils, and tallows; thus, they can easily be replenished. 
  • Easy replacement for diesel—Biodiesel is a direct replacement for petroleum diesel; no engine modifications are needed. Vehicles built before 1996 may need a few alterations.
  • Reduces engine wear—Biodiesel has proven to have higher levels of fuel system lubricity than traditional petroleum diesel. It shows less wear on the engine over time and simply runs cleaner.
  • Safer fuel—Biodiesel is significantly less toxic than traditional diesel fuel and is biodegradable.  
  • Decreases dependence on foreign oil—When biodiesel is used as a replacement for traditional diesel, it reduces the petroleum diesel consumed. Using less of this limited resource decreases our dependency on oil companies abroad.
  • Meets CA and Federal Fuel Mandates—Numerous mandates have been instituted to reduce emissions and use of petroleum fuel. Biodiesel is the perfect solution to these mandates.