About Western Iowa Energy, LLC
The Biodiesel industry is growing at a rapid pace across the nation. Western Iowa Energy is a BQ9000 Accredited Producer and was built to produce 30 million gallons annually. in 2014, the plant was upgraded to 45 million gallons annually. Western Iowa Energy has the flexibility to turn multiple feedstocks into Biodiesel due to our specialized pre-treatment facility. Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel that is nearly carbon-neutral meaning it contributes almost zero emissions towards global warming as well as fairly dramatically reducing other emissions. Biodiesel makes sense both economically and environmentally for the state of Iowa.
Western Iowa Energy Milestones
  • April 2018 - WIE becomes kosher with the production of biodiesel for it's glycerin.
  • FY 2017 - WIE has the second best financial year to date, less than 500k below the 2013 record.
  • FY 2017 - WIE breaks the 2016 biodiesel production level in gallons, setting a new record.
  • Nov. 7, 2017 - WIE purchases Agron Bioenergy in Watsonville, CA. A 15MGPY biodiesel facility.
  • March 2017 - WIE pays a $100/unit distribution to members, for a company history total of $955.21/unit. Members investing at the beginning (Equity Drive) paid $950/unit of an initial investment, with this distribution in 2017, they have been paid back in full, WIE will continue to pay disrtibution as there is excess cash.
  • FY 2016 - WIE has the number one year since it's inception for biodiesel production in gallons.
  • Febuary 2016 - Bradley Wilson (previous VP  & CFO) is named President /General Manager, upon Jeff Johannesmeyer's retirement.
  • March 2014 - Construction begins on a 500,000 gallon storage tank, miscellaneous plant upgrades and a load out expansion. With completion in late fall of 2014, plant upgrades proved to increase biodiesel production by 50% to 45 MGPY.
  • FY 2013 - WIE had a new record financial year exceeding previous levels in 2011.
  • November 2012 - Completed construction on two new 500,000 gallon tanks and one 150,000 gallon storage tank.
  • FY 2011 - WIE had a record year both financially and with production levels.
  • August 2011 - Deregistered with Securities and Exchange Commission
  • January 2011 - Jeff Johannesmeyer is named President /General Manager.
  • December 2010 - Western Iowa Energy paid off all term debt.
  • September 2010 - Western Iowa Energy entered into a product marketing and feedstock agreement with Archer-Daniels-Midland Comany (ADM).
  • September 2010 - Jeff Johannesmeyer is hired as the General Manager.
  • February 2010 - Unit Holders Reject Purchase Offer from Renewable Energy Group.
  • May 2009 - Western Iowa Energy to consider a consolidation and operation agreement with Renewable Energy Group.
  • April 2008 - Political Action Committee formed.
  • February 2007 - Western Iowa Energy achieved BQ9000 Accredited Producer status.
  • October 2006 - Pretreatment facility scheduled to be operational.
  • August 2006 - WIE Annual Meeting and Election. The investors voted to reduce board size to 7 instead of 12.
  • May 2006 - Biodiesel Production began.
  • June 2005 - Dirt work started
  • April 2005 - Groundbreaking
  • March 2005 - Equity Drive
  • October 2004 - Board of 12 organized and seed capital raised
  • September 2004 - Registered as Iowa limited liability company
  • July 2004 - Feasibility study completed
  • February 2004 - Originally organized
Investor Owned and Driven
Western Iowa Energy, LLC is governed by a 7 member board of investors and employs approximately thirty employees from the local area.  Our mission is to operate strategically with our partners to manufacture, sell and deliver superior quality Biodiesel at an equitable return to our investors.


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