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Our Product Can Meet Your Needs

Government Agencies

Agencies of the government are oftentimes subject to strict environmental requirements.  We produce our fuel with low carbon intensity feedstock, primarily animal tallow. Therefore, our product enables one to generate excess air credits and improve air quality. Because our biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning fuel with low emission properties, it is the perfect solution for municipalities, local and state agencies, school districts, and military. 


Distributors & Wholesalers

As the state of California and the Federal Government continue to issue mandates that call for a reduction in emissions, the demand for alternative fuels perpetually grows. Biodiesel aligns with these mandates as the ideal fueling alternative. Agron’s clear, distilled, low emission biodiesel is the superior fuel to add to the mix to meet the needs of current customers and increase one’s consumer base.


Agricultural & Commercial Fleets

Fleets are the essence of the transportation system and an integral part of nearly every business. Despite their necessity, fleets are being pushed to reduce their petroleum consumption because of the negative impact these emissions have on the environment. As fleets are challenged to reduce their footprint, many are adopting sustainability objectives. Agron’s low emission biodiesel is the ultimate product for fleet managers looking to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Our fuel has lower emission properties, in comparison to 100% petroleum diesel, and reduces Particulate Matter, Carbon Dioxide, and Total Hydrocarbon.