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About Us

Agron Bioenergy is a leading producer of clear, distilled, low emission biodiesel. Determined to address the growing demand for alternative energy sources, we set out in 2012 to develop a fuel that is exceptionally clear and reliable. Our breakthrough, patented process is a fully automated, continuous flow biodiesel production technology. Unlike traditional batch or plug-flow technologies, which require eight to twelve hours of multi-step operator intensive processing, our process delivers ultra-pure biodiesel from raw materials in less than five minutes and upwards of 40,000 gallons per day. The fully automated nature of our production process leads to a fuel with enhanced quality and environmental performance. 

To yield our biodiesel, we combine traditional raw materials with inedible feedstock. Our primary feedstock is inedible animal tallow; we can also process plant-based feedstock, depending on customer requirements. Because we utilize low carbon intensity feedstock, Agron’s biodiesel has a much lower carbon footprint. Government agencies, fleets, distributors, and wholesalers can meet their sustainability and low emission objectives by incorporating our fuel.

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